Margreiter / Lima: synchronicity
11th Cairo Biennial Austrian Contribution.
Catalogue ed. by Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein.
Cairo 2008/09.
soft cover, 108 pages, 45 images
Verlag Walther König
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"Synchronicity" dokumentiert und reflektiert die Zusammenarbeit der österreichischen Künstlerin Dorit Margreiter und der brasilianischen Künstlerin Roberta Lima für die Cairo Biennale XI, 2009. Performanz, Synchronizität und die Beschäftigung mit Erinnerung im Sinne von ReWriting History sowie deren kritische Verortung bildeten die Koordinaten für die Präsentation dieser zwei künstlerischen Pole, die sich, grundsätzlich voneinander unabhängig, für den Zeitraum dieses Projekts auf einen gemeinsamen Dialog eingelassen haben. Entstanden ist ein spannender wechselseitiger Kommentar, der unsere Kultur als Übergangskultur markiert und ihr die Funktion einer Schwellen- oder Transformationsphase zuweist. *****
Artists Roberta Lima and Dorit Margreiter take up this theme in the Austrian contribution to the Cairo Biennale in their work that will focus on the "Western" perspective on strategies of appropriation applied to Cairo as a site for experiencing cultural alterity. Using their examination of the city and cultural contexts of Cairo as a basis, the artists seek to create illustrative models as (re)constructions of the urban space as a mode of investigating its power to effect and create realities.

Invasion: RNA Chips and Butterflies
21 x 21 cm, hard cover 58 pages, 2008
Preface by Jörg Pacher
+ C-Print 15 x 15 cm
Edition: 40 catalogues numbered and signed by the artist
€ 40.00 (SOLD OUT)
For "RNA Chips and Butterflies" Lima for the first time had the possibility to enter a locked away space: the biological laboratory. This contemporary and future area with an still not fully explored potential for bio control fits Lima's concepts perfectly. She is ready to grab this ritualistic space normally hidden from the public.
Lima uses this space as a gateway an even vaster area: the microcosm of cells and biological autopoesis. She is able to reclaim a part of her body that has not been focus of her work yet, a part far better hidden than arms and legs and skin, and use it for her aesthetical experiments. This is interior design on a new scale and she carries pieces of it to the outside world to exhibit them. Lima returns from the laboratory space with trophies from a safari inside herself.

Into Pieces
20 x 20 cm, 40 pages, 2008
Preface by Ryan Palmer
Exhibition catalogue + C-Print 16 x 15 cm
Edition: 40 catalogues signed by the artist
€ 18.00 (SOLD OUT)
This catalogue introduces the concept of Into Pieces as a performative exploration of one’s identity. It starts by showing the research on my family archives. It continues by pointing out historical and feminist references to build the concept of a performance and to metaphorically question the constitution of space. Sketches illustrate the distribution of surveillance cameras and monitors in the rooms of the gallery. In the catalogue there are also pictures of my first attempts in self-piercing and suturing my body.

Lights Out!
20 x 20 cm, 41 pages, 2007
Exhibition catalogue + four C-Prints 15 x 15 cm
Edition: 40 catalogues signed by the artist
Temporarily unavailable
The elaboration of this catalogue also fits to the concept of Lights Out!. It was made before the performance and some of its images were produced later – that is why a few pages are empty. It experiments with diverse possibilities of documenting, producing, and presented performance material. Besides that, there is the interactive aspect of the audience – catalogue readers – in participating on its production by adding the photos by themselves.

18 x 18 cm, 129 pages, 2007
Preface by Fahim Amir
DVD "White Blue Air", short documentation movie by INZA
Edition: 40 catalogues signed by the artist
€ 50.00 (SOLD OUT)
This book describes and illustrates the project in which I performed a body modification ritual, situated it in the context of Circus and Sideshows and inquired into its similarities, differences and connections in various points: from how the Body was presented – in the performance, in terms of transformation, and gender categorizations – to the perception of Body movements in Space.

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