Solo Exhibition at EIKON SchAUfenster Vienna, 2013

The relationship between body and space is a main focus in Roberta Lima's work, as well as the use of media as a reflection of the representation of art. This relationship leads to an examination of the function of galleries, which the artist not only use as a space for displaying artworks, but also as a site for production. Electrical appliances, such as computers, cameras, printers, etc. become co-performers to investigate mass media communication and reproduction. In 2012 Roberta Lima also started to work up the traces and objects of her earlier performances in a sculptural way, adapting them to a new spatial context. At the EIKON SchAUfenster she shows a photographic reproduction that has been widely showed in other contexts: "The Rings" (2005), originally framed and hung on a wall, is now spread as simple print outs in the entire place. Produced every two minutes and twenty seconds during the opening, the prints fall in place, form new shapes, define the space, and evoke the "street-like" characteristic of the quarter21 passage. Construction and deconstruction, accessibility and restriction, contribute in this work for creating a dialectics of Photography, as well as of the (de-)personalisation of the artist.

Special thanks Michael Sprachmann