ButterflyStep IN/OUT White Cube
Performative Installation at Schneiderei.Home.Studio Gallery Vienna, 2014

As in "Truly Pure" (Vienna Secession, 2010) or "Displacement" (White Box New York, 2012), for this project Lima also uses the space of the gallery to both produce and display her work. She also appropriates from social rites, as well as from music genres, such as "funk carioca", as well as Brazilian/Portuguese languages subverting their meaning and transforming pop cultural production into art. The cube is a recurrent form and object in Lima's performances. Here it is used as reference to the "white cube" as well as to the dance step called "twerk" or "Quadradinho de Oito" (in English "8 points square"). By mixing two distinguished spaces - the one of the favela and of the white cube - Lima aims to blur the lines of queer and feminist theory and diaspora epistemologies from South and North America. .

Pictures by Antonia Wagner-Strauss
Video Stills © Roberta Lima