Performative and site-specific Installation curated by Lara Pan at White Box New York, 2012

This work refers to Roberta Lima's ongoing process of interweaving her experiences as an architect and as a performer. Whereas as an architect she was trained to provide safety and the idea of shelter, as a performer she was given the chance of experimenting with the opposite: the idea of unstableness. Lima once more refers to various theories, such as of gender and bio politics, and makes use of different elements to debate the concept of displacement. The holes represent the act of invasion - once of her own body now of spaces. The cables work as a link between the bodies, the objects, and the gallery. Using movements of falling and crashing Lima creates analogies between the flow of energy in the electric cables, of the blood in bodies, and of capital in societies. Furthermore, Displacement aim to discuss the ways performance art is presented and perceived.

Pictures of performance by RIOT OF PERFUME