Future Past Light Cones
Performative installation at MUSAC Leon,Spain 2015

This installation is composed by a box in form of a cube (2 x 2 x 2 meters) made out of aluminum boards - that reflect the space of the museum, of the window to the outside, and even of the viewer - who is confronted with her/his "self" image. The cube is placed outside and 50 cm above the floor. Fixed by metal cables, it creates an harmonic dialogue with musac's architecture. Inside the Cube there are four cylinders, each one contains 40 kg of fertilizer. The internal structure is not be visible from the viewer's perspective, but from the panoptic of four cameras placed inside of the cube. During the performance, the image of the cameras are broadcasted live and recorded. For this work I refer to elements of minimalism art and architecture, like for example the cube - a recurrent element in my works (Capture, Austrian Cultural Forum NY, 2014 / Museu der Moderne, Salzburg, 2014/ MUSAC, Leon, 2015; Displacement, White Box NY, 2012). The cube is appropriated through a feminist action which aims to release the dominated space of architecture and arts by contaminating them. The question of fertility is to be seen as a critic to capitalism and to the transformation of commodities into art production: the fertilizer is transformed into art, redefining its value and place in the capitalist cycle. Roberta Lima.

Photographs by Lauren Klocker. Video stills by Roberta Lima.

Special thanks Lisa Losch