Performative installation at Künstlerhaus, Vienna 2015

In her performances, Roberta Lima creates negotiated positions of beauty by framing the modernistic old-school feel with cables, cameras, screens, projections, and other tools. Lima makes the conditions of production visible, the same way she did in her earlier performances with the interior of her body. In her most recent works, Lima continues to refer to the technical sphere in her reflections on body politics to sculpt the space. For that, she manipulates forms of minimalism art and architecture, like for example the cube and cylinder - Displacement, White Box NY, 2012 and in Future Past Light Cones, MUSAC Leon, Spain, 2015. These elements are appropriated through feminist action which aims to release the male dominated spaces of architecture and arts by contaminating them.

Agents: Erika Artaker, Pedro Costa, Melissa Lumbroso
Sound: das_em
Video documentation: Lauren Klocker

Photographs: Künstlerhaus

Special thanks to Alexandra Tatar and Bartholomäus Kinner