Performative and site-specific Installation at Ve.Sch Vienna, 2010

LINEAR was a site-specific installation conceived and composed as a hommage to Lima's previous work. It is part of a continued discussion about body and space, in the context of gender theory and contemporary issues in architecture. The idea was supported by the use of various media, digital tools employed to record the sounds and visuals materializing the natural events directly. In cooperation with Robert C. A. Pawliczek (ANTCAR), Lima begins a dialog in which the appropriation or adoption of her "bloody task" functions as a metaphoric and provocative orchestration, with the manifestation and immediacy of the archtiecture serving as another main element in the installation. The reactions of visitors and participating identities, as well as the role of 'street art' in a duet with 'white-cube-culture' also interest both artists, whereby well-known terms such as "intervention", "interaction" or "arnarchitecture" inevitably emerge conjoining all these paradoxes into one manageable topic for discussion.

Roberta Lima

Pictures of performance by Ana Paula Franco