Performative Installation for Austrian Performance Art Season at Solyanka VPA, Moscow. Curated by Felicitas Thun Hohenstein. 2017

A bit of cloth has been used for so many things - from highwaymen to social revolution. Fabric has various meaning in many cultures. Specially when wrapped around the head. The use of headgear rages from religion to practical reasons. The kerchief or bandana have also cultural, religious, and political roots. The bandana has been used as a symbol of resistance.
For this work, I used different elements to create a narrative on the resilience of women and based on the idea of solidarity. Besides the cloth -which initially hung in the space as flags and then were cut into bandanas - salt was used to fill the structure and as reference to the space. The exhibition took place in the basement of Solyanka State Gallery that is called "Salt", referring to the old daysin the beginning of 20th century when the premises were used to store salt as the building was the headquaters of merchants.
Over the course of three days, structures were built, transformed, disrupted, and set in motion. A feminist architecture was created, one which includes failure and break: of the norms, the space, and pre-established rules. Reconstructing and redefining symbolism. Multiple cameras and projections reproduced the space and actions. The audience and Solyanka team were invited to engage in participatory processes, reinforcing the understanding of this work as feminist and as act of community sharing.