Lights Out!
Live Performance and Installation at Kunstraum NOE. Vienna 2007.

Lights Out! by the Brazilian artist Roberta Lima asks significant questions concerning the medium of live performance, be it about the relation between artist and spectator, movement, perception, and transmission. What happens between performing artist and the audience? Which energies and powers are unleashed? What Lima examines in her performance –next to questions of body, identity, gender and shifting borders–are the areas of tension and power that arise between objects, participant and spectator and how they affect each other.

Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein


The Construction of the Dress:
Camera: Roberta Lima
Editing: Roberta Lima
Photography: Ana Paula Franco and Roberta Lima
Portraits: Roberta Lima assisted by Ana Paula Franco
Production Assistant: Ana Paula Franco
Dress designed in collaboration with Danijel Radic

The Transformation and Destruction of the Dress:
Camera: Caroline Heider and Reza Tavakoli
Editing: Roberta Lima
Light: Claus Zweythurm
Production Assistant: Ulrike Köppinger
Piercing: Thorsten Sekira
Installation: Roberta Lima

Special thanks to:
Jorg Pacher, Melissa Lumbroso, and Klaus Rencher.

Very special thanks to:
My team and everyone who worked with me in this project.