Play Piercing Performance 2006. Video Color. 4'00"

The starting point of this performance shows my body, with back to the camera. A number of balloons are tied by a ribbon and fixed by needles to my back, others are just held in my hand. My body remains static. For every needle that is removed, comes the movement: one balloon flies. From the hand, one gets destroyed. The opposites: from silence to noise, from static to dynamic, from full of air to the absence of it, from sharpness to frailness. All elements are questioned, its surfaces, its textures, and limitation in the indoor space.


Camera: Bettina Kattinger, Itai Margula, and Nora Jakobs.
Editing: Roberta Lima
Piercing: Miriam Meadows
Photography: Susann Rezniczek
Making of: Anka Nidzgorska

Special thanks to: Billie Tunakan, Melissa Lumbroso, and Philipp Leissing.