Queer Way
Performative installation at donaufestival, Krems 2016

Roberta Lima returns to donaufestival in 2016 with the concept of Queer Way as a "queer flow" as opposed to the circular "kreuzgang". For that, she builds sculptures and "objects of seeing" which aim to transcribe her own experiences as a migrant and feminist to the public. Lima describes her sculptures as static objects which can be set in motion through body interaction. The sculptures, as well as the body of the migrant, struggle to move free from the imposed geometric and fixed frames. With the "objects of seeing" Lima connects the patio with the covered walk way, offering a different view/panopticum of the things and people placed outside. In doing so, she aims to create a rupture of the space by inverting its function and addressing the deconstruction of colonial and religious pre-detemined pathways and impositions.

Performances in collaboration with Pedra Costa and das_em
Video documentation: Lauren Klocker and Zoe DeWitt

Special thanks to Alexandra Tatar and Bartholomäus Kinner