The Rings
Studio Performance 2005. Video: Color 2'23".

Play piercing performance in which 15 rings are placed in each arm only for the purpose of this work and removed after the performance. The use of bright colors, fine materials and very feminine clothes increases the idea of an enchanting atmosphere.

While one video camera is placed on a tripod and focuses only on the eyes, another camera registers the piercing procedure, the insertion of the needles, later replaced by the rings and in the end the movements of crisscrossing the ribbon which ties both arms together.

Like in a dream, the transition of images move from being at the beginning very tender and innocent into strong images which show the way the body, in this case particularly the eyes, react to the piercing procedure. The video camera registers and captures sensation such as pain and tiredness.
The final scene is photographed. The work uses double images; one is fixed and framed: the photography of the final scene, the other comes from monitor: the film, which shows the movements, different reactions and expressions of the eyes.

The result shows the contrast between fixed images and images in movement,pain and tenderness, beauty and aggression, and oppression and freedom.

Dress: Fergs

Special thanks to: Thorsten Sekira (piercing), Ulrike Köppinger, Karl Pacher, and Jörg Pacher.