Traveling the Space Together
In collaboration with Fearghus O'Conchuir. Beijing, 2009

Fearghus works with bodies and spatial appropriation. He has also developed a creative conversation for the past two years with the Chinese choreographer XiaoKe. Having identified similar themes within our work we discussed ways of collaborating. In June I invited Fearghus to invade my space. He invited me to travel the space with him. With that I rediscovered Beigao Studio 5. Expanding on my previous collaboration with Kate, we decided to use wire again as a tool for both linking and limiting out bodies. This time, the wire was the cord of the spy camera attached to my chest and connected to the monitor: this broadcast the images of the two of us dancing. Another camera was placed in a tripod, facing the monitor, recording the images from the spy camera. Traveling the Space Together refers to an apparently simple human interaction. Yet that interaction resulted in a complex set of images layered in the video: the black and white images generated by the spy camera were captured with the interferences of the analog monitor and the color reflections of the room on the screen. In addition, Traveling the Space Together shows the people, objects, and the process of its own making.

Roberta Lima

Video Stills: Roberta Lima
Photographs: Anna Wassertheurer