Truly Pure
Performative and site-specific Installation at the Vienna Secession 2010

For this project I planned to experiment with transcribing philosophical inquiry into mathematical thinking. I collaborated with Filipina mathematician Sheeva Reveche. The idea is to create a graphic installation in a determined area of the gallery, installing multiple cameras (including the spy camera attached to my body) and a computer to enable communication with Sheeva via video conference/Skype. Following previous works, where I took over an existing architectonic space reformulating its form and questioning its function, once again in this project the gallery becomes a space not only for showing my work, but also for producing my work.

Restrictions on mobility and its effects in artists' work: "where do we go from here?" or rather "how can we go from here?".

Restriction and mobility have been constant subjects of my investigations. I believe, that my collaboration with Sheeva helped me to continue reinventing my work by finding new tools, exploring new languages (in this case mathematical) and new spaces:
1) the gallery, in which my body, the cameras, and the computer will be placed
2) the virtual space created using Skype.

Skype's space has a dual function: as a portal, in the sense of allowing our communication and as a frame, in the sense of emphasizing our physical distance and the restriction of our mobility. The possibility to physically move the computer (and therefore the camera) affects the image visualization and the perception of the space as well as the process of making the work. As a result, a distance/closeness relationship was established between the two of us and all other elements within the space. Our actions redefined the space. Who plays the role of the artist and the role of the mathematician?

Posing various questions and not yet knowing about the outcome instigates my curiosity and brings this work to a level of experimentation. Truly Pure was developed and based on the idea of mathematics as something "intuitive" rather than "logical". Here we refer to French scientist Henri Poincaré (1852 - 1912): his working behavior as well as his approach to science as multidisciplinary, his interest in the human mind and habits. On another level, we address the issue of feminism and queer theory within mathematics by referring to French mathematician Sophie Germaine (1776 - 1831) who despite gender restrictions entered the academic field and to challenge mathematical theories.

Roberta Lima

Sheeva Reveche was born in 2 December 1983 in Manila, Philippines. Sheeva completed her Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics (minor in Computer Science) at The University of the City of Manila (Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila). Apart from the position she is currently holding, she is also a freelance research consultant for Computer Science students. Sheeva is currently a Quality Assurance Manager for a financial account in a BPO company. Her expertise in Statistical Analysis provided her with a strong foundation in Quality Management (services) and Reports Analysis.

Pictures of performance by Ana Paula Franco